Woodland Design Lab

“…an inspired group of designers constructed three awesome pieces of art cum architecture in just one and a half days – including the incredible wooden Skybowl you can see above” Inhabitat.com

Workshop that I devised and ran with Jenny Hall, with 20 participants to create site specific interventions over 2 days that sought to heighten the experience of this magical ancient woodland.

3 ideas made it through testing to final pieces. The skybowl in the clearng is a vessel for collective star and cloud gazing. Piddle, paddle, plonk creates music from the endlessly flowing stream. The third piece, names Rhizome (or Fungidome by the kids that now camp there) located deep in the woods was inspired by the idea that all life comes from death and had as its focus the root ball of a fallen oak tree. This construction, more a set of principles than a structure, grew and evolved just like a fungal growth, with no grand scheme of where it was going or if it would ever end.

Ewan aged about 11 said that “Fungidome is a combination of wood, tools and a bit of imagination.”

And Charlotte aged 10 said that “Piddle, Paddle, Plonk is the best because it plays music a bit like a xylophone but in the water, although Skybowl is quite good when you lay in it at night watching the stars because there’s nobody there and its relaxing.”