Greenpeace at Glastonbury 2016

For the 2016 field design, we took the Glastonbury crowds into the bright green future. They stepped into a time machine and popped out in an eco-topia, where nature and humans co-exist in harmony. Nothing is wasted, everything is reused. Plants have reclaimed territory. Landfill sites have become forests, motorways have become parks. A never used rocket lies rusting, now a habitat for a thriving and diverse ecosystem. All coal, oil and nuclear power stations have been long abandoned. All energy comes from the sun, wind, biogas and waves, connected by the global super-smart-grid. There’s no need to go into space, this planet is the future.

The Greenpeace field at Glastonbury is powered by a mix of second generation bio-diesel and solar PV. Great efforts are made to use sustainable materials and recycling policies are in place to re-use any materials not kept for future events. Structures on the field are constructed with materials that are re-used on a cycle of several years.


Creative Director: Tabitha Pope
Art Directors (joint): Liz Young and Nicola Walk
Lighting by: Ben Bailes and Dan Light
Producer: Luke Cordingley